Uh – Oh!



Ladies and gentlemen, the fella who designed the webpage responded to an email of mine asking for a little guidance and said he no longer supported websites.  After reading that I made the mistake of deleting him as an administrator.  Unfortunately, without thinking, I selected the “delete all posts” he made as well because I thought it meant POSTS, as in blog posts, which he never made.  I selected it just in case he had done some testing with posts but never published it so that it would just clear it out of the system.  What happened was that I deleted EVERY WEBPAGE he had designed for the site, which was everything except this blog page.

I feel like a total moron.  So, not only did I delete the entire website, I did so in a way that looks like it is entirely non-reversible.  Talk about a steep (and expensive) learning curve.

Author: Bob Huddleston
Position: Director-Marketing & Media Relations / Certifications: Certified Restorer #00464

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