Odor Control

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Odor Control Treatments vs. Perfume Additives:

Anyone who has owned a pet knows that they are not always perfect. There are those occasions when little mistakes are made. If these mistakes are not properly treated and removed, they can leave not only a permanent stain, but also a permanent odor. Professional Carpet Systems will treat any odors and urine spots to eliminate or minimize any permanent damage to the carpet fibers and even deodorize the airspace in a room or the entire house.

Professional Carpet Systems deep cleans your carpet with the very best equipment to remove those  unwanted and deeply embedded soils. 

Don’t be fooled by offers of Free Deodorization. Almost all carpet cleaning agents come with an added scent which provide the illusion of deodorization but only acts as a masking agent to cover up the malodors you’re trying to remedy. Deodorizers are specially formulated compounds that attack specific odor problems at the molecular level. There are water based deodorizers, solvent based deodorizers, and pairing agents. Professional Carpet Systems offers a wide variety of true deodorization treatments. Ask a SpotterDog Carpet Specialist which one is right for your situation.