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Updates to the site – functionality

Customers can now send us their carpet cleaning work by uploading a work order directly into the upload area of the order form.

Customers can also upload video testimonials or testimonials on letterhead directly and get $20 off their next service.

The file size maximum is only 1 meg right now, but I’ll be working on changing that one very soon.

I really hope you find the added functionality useful and a bit of a time saver.  That’s an important part of what we’re trying to do; make things easier.

Feel free to send your comments and suggestions to us because we want to know what you think

Online Ordering Page

Testimonial Page

Newsletter Tip #1 – How to find good material…

Quick tip for entrepreneurs who are thinking of putting out a newsletter…

Don’t sweat finding stuff to write about.

Decide WHAT you want to write about, and then…

Set up a Google Alert for those topics.

Take what you get from the Google Alerts and then write some stuff about what you learned from the alerts and tell why it’s important or cool info.

Remember to give credit to the original source of the information by saying, “According to _______________ ‘s (article, blog, recent post, information page) such and such happened (will happen), can/should be done, etc.”

Yeah, you’ll still have to write, but at least it’s in your own words and you’re still disseminating information to your prospects/clients that you want to put out there, and in your own words.

Hope it helps!


Our Facebook Forum – Check it out and LIKE it.

Okay, thanks to Miranda at Randam Art, I learned about a Forum application that can be added to our Facebook page.

Finally installed and I want everyone who may have a carpet cleaning question to feel free to post their questions here.

Post your own successful DIY tips for stain removal.

Tell us (and everyone else) how we did when we cleaned your carpet.

Suggest improvements to our online marketing efforts.

We want you to see us as a trusted resource that is responsive to your wants and needs. Help us be better.

Go check it out HERE:

NOTE: The link will direct you to an “App page” that will tell you that the app can post on your behalf.  This means that when you like or share something from the Forum page that it will update your “recent activity”.  It’s a safe app with a lot of small business subscribers.



1st Cleaning Special & Audio/Video Content

I got a TON of work done today on the website.  I removed the static image from the front page and replaced it with our television commercial.  I added our radio commercial on a few select pages, as well.  I updated our residential specials page by offering our first special offer for this website.

The TV Commercial:

The Radio Spot:

Our Current Specials Page for discerning home-owners: Click Here!

I LOVE FEEDBACK – so tell me what you think.

Anyway, I think I’m going to take a little break from the PCS/SpotterDog website, and start to work on, it needs a TON OF WORK and I don’t look forward to it.

Have a great evening, folks!

New Order Page for Apartment Properties

I played around with the oscommerce plugin for ordering, but it would have been WAY too unwieldy for the customers, not to mention a royal pain for me to edit and get just right, so I deleted it.  I replaced it with a simple order form that sends us email so we can get the work scheduled then confirm the appointment times with either a phone call or an email.  People are getting way too busy to be on the phone for long, and doing it this way allows the very busy property managers (is there any other kind?  Nope.) to do it all via the web page form and email.  Yeah, it’s more convenient.

The only question now is will the form be used much.  For decades the managers and maintenance supervisors have used the phone almost exclusively, though we are seeing a rise in emails from commercial accounts a very few apartment communities.  The option is, and always will be, there for the clients to call in their orders, fax in their orders, or email their orders.  This is just another option for when it might be more convenient to just open a webpage and type in the information.

I like it, but then again I’m biased.  If you haven’t seen it you can take a look at it right here: Apartment Online Ordering Page


Tell me what you think