DIY Tips & Tricks

Deodorize with Baking Soda

Yes, baking soda can help remove odors from your carpet, but there is a trick to doing it right.  Do it wrong and the next time you clean your carpets you’ll thinkg someone put concrete on the floor.  That can get costly to take care of.

Baking Soda on Carpet

1st – VACUUM the carpet thoroughly

2nd – SPRINKLE the baking soda lightly across the carpet

3rd – GROOM the powder into the carpet with a “carpet rake”

4th – Let the baking soda sit and do its job (24 hours)

5th – VACUUM the carpet…THOROUGHLY!

6th – Repeat as needed.

7th – If this doesn’t work for you, it may be time to call a professional.

8th – Call Professional Carpet Systems at 901-794-9937

Tips For Longer Carpet Life

A fellow Professional Carpet Systems owner in Nashville, Jamie O’Connor, sent this out just today and I think it bears repeating.

Your carpets and rugs represent a sizable investment.  So why don’t they stay looking like new after a few years?

Most carpet is made of synthetic fibers such as: nylon, olefin, polyester, and some acrylic. These synthetic fibers rarely wear out (except on stairs), instead they ugly out. What I mean by that is, the fibers crush, or mat down, or flatten out.

They also abrade or get scratched. You see, your carpets are made up of thousands upon thousands of very small thread-like fibers that are twisted together. These fibers are basically translucent pieces of plastic. That means that light can pass through them, like a colored Plexiglas. You know how Plexiglas looks after it gets scratched, dull and dirty.

What scratches carpet is gritty soil and sand that is left in the carpet and when it is walked on it rubs against the fibers and scratches them.

After so much of this scratching, you can clean the soil and sand out but the damage already done is irreversible and you get is what we call in the carpet cleaning industry …

traffic lane gray. This is where the fibers are clean, but since they are so scratched up they do not reflect the light back to the eyes and now take on a dull appearance which is commonly mistaken for soiled carpets.

Here are some tips that will help extend the life of your carpets and rugs.

1. Use walk off mats.

2. Vacuum your carpets regularly.

3. Have your carpets professionally ‘Steam Cleaned’ a minimum of once per year, more often if you have pets or children.

4. Maintain your vacuum cleaner.

5. Have your carpets retreated with stain and soil resistant products regularly after a through, deep cleaning.

6. Remove spots quickly

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