July / 2012

Carpet Stain Removal – Wax

Here is a pretty cool do-it-yourself  tip. You Will Need Butter knife or any knife with a dull blade Vacuum with hose attachment or hand-held vacuum Clean white cloth, white paper towels, or brown paper bags Iron Rubbing Alcohol Spray bottle with water Sponge Heavy weight How to Remove the Stain Gently scrape hardened wax […]

“Nasty” 15 Year Old Carpet : 2 Bachelors & A Dog – Yeah…We Can Clean That!

“I have 15 year old carpet which has lived under two bachelors and a dog. It was nasty and I almost gave up and replaced it. After your cleaning the carpet looks fantastic! I’m amazed at how it looks. It certainly doesn’t look like 15 year old carpet and I have to look real hard […]

Another Letter of Recommendation…We LOVE ‘Em!

Today we got another testimonial letter, and it’s as great as the one we got from Stoneridge Apartments.  This one came from Ms. Trina Miller at The Landings Apartments.  Ms. Miller – THANK YOU VERY MUCH Click on the picture and you can see the whole letter!  It’s AWESOME!  If you’re a customer of ours, […]

Apartments: Observations & Tips On Vendor Relations

For the multifamily housing market (apartments) there are a lot of considerations that need to be taken into account with carpeting, specifically. Especially when it comes to replacement or restoration. 1st – Because property managers need to deal with drywall and paint issues, fixtures, cabinets, appliances, and so many other things, it is difficult to […]