June / 2012

1st Cleaning Special & Audio/Video Content

I got a TON of work done today on the website.  I removed the static image from the front page and replaced it with our television commercial.  I added our radio commercial on a few select pages, as well.  I updated our residential specials page by offering our first special offer for this website. The […]

SEO Work is done…for now.

I finally got the seo work done on the website.  I’m fairly sure I’m going to have to mess with it every week or two after I see how what I’ve already done ends up working.  I guess I should know that in a month or two, so for now I think I’m probably done […]

New Order Page for Apartment Properties

I played around with the oscommerce plugin for ordering, but it would have been WAY too unwieldy for the customers, not to mention a royal pain for me to edit and get just right, so I deleted it.  I replaced it with a simple order form that sends us email so we can get the […]

This is a TON of work..

…especially for a non-coding person like me.  I’ve got the framework set up for online ordering for the apartment division services.  I’m afraid that there is no way to have 2 different shopping areas so I’m going to have to have one e-commerce area that has a category for apartments and a category for residential […]

Website Back Up – Whew

As you can probably tell, I was able to get the website repaired, after fretting for hours and trying to get help from our hosting company.  Apparently I didn’t actually “delete” everything, instead I just “trashed” the pages.  All I had to do was find the trash bin in the program, remove them from the […]

Uh – Oh!

Ladies and gentlemen, the fella who designed the webpage responded to an email of mine asking for a little guidance and said he no longer supported websites.  After reading that I made the mistake of deleting him as an administrator.  Unfortunately, without thinking, I selected the “delete all posts” he made as well because I […]

1st Blog Post…EVER!

This week has been fantastic.  We have finally found the time to start to really work on learning how to manipulate our website.  There are so many things needed to increase the functionality, ease of use, and ease of management so you can get the most up to date information on what offers we have, […]