Carpet Cleaning by Spotterdog


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Our Services Include:

Carpet Cleaning & Repair
Pet Odor Removal
Tile & Grout Cleaning
Oriental Rug Cleaning
Fire and Water Damage Restoration

If you’re in the Memphis area, and you need carpet cleaning and restoration services…Nobody does it better than PCS of Memphis – GUARANTEED

200% Satisfaction Guarantee – NOBODY ELSE WILL DO THIS


If you are not satisfied with your cleaning experience, we will make it right. If you are still not satisfied we will refund your money and upon receipt of proof of payment to another company, we’ll reimburse you for that cost, up to the amount of our original services.

Yes, we really are this good.

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You will occasionally hear us refer to a room or area price even though we charge by the square foot (standard cleaning price is 30 cents per square foot).  When we use those “terms of art” we apply a standard size of 166.67 square feet per room or area.  Also, the prices you’ll hear in our posted radio ads, or in our television commercial include our special offer of 50% more free.  So, for the $99 price you’ll get 500 square feet cleaned (limit) and save over $50. Our minimum cleaning fee is only $75.